MiraDry Sweat & Odor Treatment

Mirdary Treatment

MiraDry Sweat & Odor Treatment

Miradry is the world’s only non-surgical treatment to relieve sweating in the armpit area. It is safe, practically proven, and licensed by the World Health Organization.

Miradry works by delivering electromagnetic heat waves to the armpit region, thereby controlling the sweat pores and reducing their size, which greatly reduces their sweat production.

Miradry provides a practical and long-term solution while other solutions (such as deodorants, betoxin injections, and surgery) are all temporary effects, not to mention their other risks and effects.

This treatment is suitable for you if you have:

Unwanted sweating in the armpit area
An irritating smell in the armpit area
Any psychological or societal stress resulting from the above two problems

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