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Microneedle RF Facial - Infini

It is heating the deep layers of skin with fine needles to a certain degree where collagen stimulation and reorganization occur. In addition to the effect of thermal treatment, thousands of tiny holes made by needles will heal by shrinking and stretching.

This process will help tighten the skin and restore it for a better looking. It is a treatment that does not require time to heal and is suitable for all skin types and body parts.

This treatment is suitable for you if you have:

Pale skin
Flabby skin on the face or body (light or medium)
Wrinkles (small or very small)
Double chin (light)
Skin pores
Acne (mild)
Acne scars
Surgical scars
Cellulite (light)
Signs of cracking
Excessive sweating (face, hands, feet)

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Combined with mesotherapy, whether on the face or the body

This treatment is also great for delivering the following:
All kinds of vitamins and minerals
Moisturizing solutions
Lipid and acne solutions
The mixture of luster and freshness
Tensile mixture
Bleaching solutions
Cellulite treatment solutions
Fat dissolving solutions
Hair strengthening mixture