Feminine Rejuvenation

Feminine Rejuvenation
This page is intended ONLY for Females.

Feminine Rejuvenation

Since you have blossomed, your monthly cycle,  hormonal changes, stress, food  & lifestyle all made you concerned about your feminine area.

If you went through motherhood, your challenges and concerns must be larger.

It’s never too late to REJUVENATE & regain your confidence.

Our REJUVENATE team is ready to give you a thrilling make-over.

Your refreshment list includes :  

– Special intimate Peeling
  sensitive skin with resistant discoloration needs its own kind of peeling . 8 hours peeling mask applied with night home cream is your first step there into a lighter and fresher skin.

– Mesotherapy

frictions and hormonal changes make your skin years older, dull, and less elastic . 2 sessions of multivitamins mesotherapy with our organic hyaluronic acid gel are enough to celebrate an amazing smoothness.

– Fillers ( External and semi-internal)

baby skin is full and firm. our fillers made for this area will take you years back. and definitely with minimal pain using fine cannula technique.

– Reduction / Lifting
This is an absolute mind-blowing turnover. there is always room for improvement!

– Renewal / Reinforcement
 Revive your intimate life. every moment is precious.

Let us tell you more through a consultation.